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Binge Drinking Facts: Study Finds Increase With Women

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A study of binge drinking facts shows an increase overall, but also that binge drinking among women in particular, has skyrocketed within a decade.  In spite of this, men still remain most likely to binge drink.

What Binge Drinking Facts Reveal About Women

Between 2002 and 2012, binge drinking increased in women by 36% while it increased in men by only 23%, according to the American Journal of Public Health.  Even though the greater increase was found in women, men were still found to be at greater risk for binge drinking.  However, the fact that women had such a dramatic increase in binge drinking proves to be worrisome.  Professionals took a look at leading factors that may indicate why women could be engaging in the behavior more frequently now than before.

What is Binge Drinking? Click Here.

Societal Views

One potential reason for women to be binge drinking more often now than previously, is that it may be more socially acceptable.  Both men and women partake in this as an activity.  There seems to be an unspoken societal standard that women should keep up with men’s binge drinking despite their incompatibility of size and structure, especially among younger generations.  Men and women have their own physique and tolerance, which is why binge drinking is defined differently for each gender.  They cannot afford to be comparing with one another and competing in drinking habits.

However, this seems to be the societal standard seen on college campuses, in bars, and nightclubs.  It appears as though women strive to drink the “same way” as men.  Women tend to think they can tolerate the same amount and that their bodies are on par with being able to handle the same volume.  The truth is that even if a male and female have had the same amount of drinks, they are probably not experiencing the same effects of alcohol.

Where to Draw the Line

For men, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list binge drinking as more than five drinks at a time, while for women binge drinking is considered more than four drinks at a time. Besides the exterior differences between genders, internally, men and women metabolize alcohol differently.  Women do not have as great an amount of water in their body as men of a similar weight, which causes them to have greater blood alcohol concentrations when they drink large quantities of alcohol.  The CDC claimed excessive drinking for men can be defined as having over 15 alcoholic beverages during the week while for women it can be determined as having over 8 throughout the week.

Results of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking can be deadly for both men and women.  It may sound like one of the obvious facts of binge drinking, but it’s frequentlyoverlooked.  Alcohol is a serious drug that claims lives regularly.  The CDC has found alcohol to be the cause of 88,000 people’s deaths annually, which ends up costing the country $224 billion every year. So in conclusion, no matter who you are, it’s wise to avoid binge drinking. If you find that you can’t stop drinking, you may have developed a problem with alcohol in which treatment may be needed.

If after reading this article, you feel you may have a problem with binge drinking, contact The Watershed today for more information on how you can stop.

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