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Benefits Of Halfway Houses After Treatment

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Leaving an addiction treatment center without looking into halfway houses, or having an aftercare plan, can be dangerous for those suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse. This is why it’s imperative for addicts and alcoholics to have a plan of action already in place within the first few weeks in treatment. Alcoholism and drug addiction is a serious illness that will take time to heal from and must be treated as such. It may appear that the patient is ready to go home and take on responsibilities again, but they have actually not had the opportunity to deal with stress, emotions, PAWS, or even triggers outside their safe environment while in treatment.

What Should I Expect From Halfway Houses?

Halfway houses should require their residents to work, volunteer, or go to school. This helps the resident learn how to apply their recovery to real life situations, how to be accountable and responsible, and walk through fears where they once got drunk or high.

Halfway houses should help the addict or alcoholic transition back into everyday life without the use of drugs or alcohol safely and securely.

Residents can focus on their recovery and deal with their emotions in a safe and structured environment with limited distractions.

Halfway houses allow residents to develop a regular schedule so that they can build structure that they will use long after treatment.

It is easier to build a sober support network when you are in the middle of a recovery community. It’s difficult to feel alone when you are surrounded by other addicts and alcoholics who understand you.

Drug tests are provided to make sure that the community is safe and that those living in the halfway house are working their program of recovery.

The Truth About Addiction

Addiction is a progressive and chronic brain disease that affects the mind and body; patients will not recover overnight. The disease of addiction will actually lie to the patient and the family by telling them they do not need an aftercare plan – this lie is called denial. Denial has taken many addicts and alcoholics to an early grave and can only be beaten by taking suggestions from experienced professionals who understand how this disease manipulates, cons, deceives, and lies to get what it wants. Halfway houses enable the substance abuser to let out all these character defects so they can deal with them in a safe and sober environment with plenty of support. Good halfway houses will have multiple resources to help their tenants to explore talents, interests, and even schoolings or careers. If any of these halfway houses are not requiring that the tenant have a job or work a program of recovery, you may want to look elsewhere; they are not a true halfway house. Taking a few weeks to a few months to truly recover from addiction is such a short amount of time when it comes to being clean and sober life-long. You’re worth it!

If you are unsure if a halfway house is right for you, we invite you to try something different. Let go of what you think you know about how to stay sober and take a suggestion that could not only save your life now, but change it forever! Learn more about halfway house living and how you can live in one today! Call us now: 1-800-861-1768.

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