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Bath Salts Not Found In Miami Zombie Autopsy Result

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It wasn’t bath salts after all. No, the Miami zombie, who for weeks was reported to have been in the midst of a bath salt fueled craze when he attacked a homeless man, only had trace amounts of marijuana in his system at the time of the attack, the final autopsy report reveals. Considering the fact that bath salts have been attributed to numerous copycat incidents since the Miami story broke, this should not suggest that they are safe for consumption. Without a medical detox, it can be very difficult for individuals to stop using these types of addictive drugs on their own.

Miami Zombie

Partly To Blame?

Many people, even in the face of the evidence, still believe that the synthetic stimulants were, at least, partly to blame for the attack. In actuality, this could be true. Bath salts, much like methamphetamine and cocaine, only remain in a person’s system for a short period of time. It is possible that Rudy Eugene, better known as the Miami zombie, had taken the drug prior to the attack and had it out of his system before the autopsy was conducted.


Perhaps the particular blend that Eugene used is untraceable. This is a common problem especially with street drugs. Toxicology screens only test for so much; these designer drugs are being concocted using a variety of elements that may not come up in a tox screen, but may also leave the system at an alarmingly fast rate. The problem is that these substances are so new and different that it truly is a grab bag when attempting to determine what compounds actually comprise the drug and the effects it will have on the user.


Again, this news should not take the nation’s eye of the potential dangers of bath salts. These unregulated types of drugs are putting people into hospitals and jails around the country at an alarming rate. The scariest part about bath salts is that because they are labeled as “not safe for human consumption”, they are unregulated by the Federal Drug Administration. In fact, no one can be certain, other than the manufacturers, what is exactly in these drugs. This is another reason why they are so dangerous, and why doctors and medical practitioners are having such a difficult time coming up with a treatment plan for individuals who overdose on them.

Drug scares are cyclical. In the 80’s everyone was terrified of crack cocaine. In the 90’s people were warned about the dangers of club drugs like Ecstasy. It now appears the new drug of choice for the media to write salacious stories about is bath salts. However, if we poke too much fun at the drug and people who suffer horrific events from using it, we are doing so at our own risk. The fact of the matter is that bath salts are extremely dangerous, and should not be taken under any circumstance. More research needs to be conducted so that authorities can get these drugs off of shelves and out of the hands of our young people. If you know someone that is struggling with an addiction to bath salts, or any other dangerous type of drug, implore them to seek help at a reputable residential drug treatment center.

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