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#MondayMotivation: Attitude Of Gratitude | Weekly Meditation

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Attitude Of Gratitude“Gratitude is in your actions and attitude, not in what you say.” –Anonymous

Attitude of Gratitude

How many times have we said we were grateful, but didn’t show it in our actions? I have found that the best way to share my gratitude is to display it in my actions and attitude. Simply being kind to others is an expression of gratitude and it is simple to do.

A positive attitude goes a long way and it invites more positivity into my life. During the holidays it can be a simple reminder of how important our attitude towards ourselves and others really is. This week let’s take a moment to think of all the things we are grateful for and share that gratitude with others.

Maybe there is a loved one in need of our attention right now, how can we be of service to them? Maybe we are the ones in need, if so, how can we be of service to ourselves? Are we taking care of ourselves so that we can care for others? Recovery is about action and it works best when we have balance of receiving and giving in place. Am I being kind, loving, patient, tolerant with others as well as myself? Now is a great time to balance mind, body, and spirit so you can let your attitude of gratitude shine bright.

What are some things you are grateful for? Let us know in the comment feed below!

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