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America’s Addiction To Fat | HBO Documentary

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At an alarming rate, people in the United States are being diagnosed with obesity at much younger ages than in the past. This could be the result of many different factors. However, is it possible to have an addiction to fat? A new documentary debuting on HBO, called The Weight of the Nation, explores that possibility.

Addiction To Fat


It doesn’t seem strange that a country like ours would have a problem with excess. The economy is in poor shape, divorce rates are high, depression and addiction are becoming more apparent and naturally, one of the many ways Americans seek comfort is in food, and lots of it. “Would I like to supersize my soda and fries? Of course, I would!”.


Lately, many people have started to publically speak out about the dangers associated with this type of laissez faire attitude towards nutrition. Doctors, life coaches, fitness trainers, the Center for Disease Control, health websites, and even the First Lady have tried to get people in this country to focus on and understand how important it is to eat healthily. However, with obesity numbers continuing to rise, Americans seem to be content with their current coping habits. If we look at this phenomenon as an addiction, the question becomes, will we have to hit rock bottom before we start to change? What would rock bottom for a problem like this even look like?


The CDC recently released a report that states by the year 2030 over 40% of all Americans will be obese. That is nearly half of our country. Obesity does not discriminate between race, religion, sex, social standing, income, or location. Without proper coping tools, eating habits, or exercise, only those who were gifted with incredible genes are going to be able to avoid becoming overweight. As we move closer and closer to universal health care, it is going to become even more important for people to understand the implications of having a nation that is over 40% obese.

It’s hard to place blame on any one factor for this problem. We have become a nation that is addicted to fat. It is cheap, it tastes good, it comforts, and it’s available everywhere.  It is important that people are educated about the dangers of such an unhealthy means to deal with their problems, and that treatment for addiction for food is available. In the end, it is up to the person to want to change their behavior for a healthier lifestyle.

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