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New American Express Addiction Commercial Highlights Recovery

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american-express-addiction-commercialA groundbreaking American Express addiction commercial took the Internet by storm and presents an opportunity for the way society views addiction and recovery.  It captures the true story of a woman named Natalie Young who speaks about her recovery from addiction. The advertisement emphasizes the central theme of the credit card’s tag line which is “the journey never stops,” showing that second chances are possible and that anyone can build a better future today.

American Express Addiction Commercial Helps to Break Stigma

The American Express addiction commercial briefly highlights the journey of Natalie Young, who suffered from an active addiction to substances.  The focus of the ad brings attention to how addiction can bring sufferers to such devastating lows where they lose their loved ones, material possessions, and jobs.  She discusses how she took any job available to her when she was on her way to hitting her lowest point in the pit of her addiction, but now she’s passionate about working as a restaurateur.  Natalie’s story draws the viewer in with the inspirational message that second chances are possible.

When advertisements can portray a visual of an individual’s life and show how they can, in fact, come to change over a period of time by conquering their most difficult challenges, it proves that recovery is attainable. Addiction can happen to anybody, including credit card owners, entrepreneurs, family members, and restaurant workers.  The advertisement does however provide the hope that recovery is possible, even when sufferers don’t think they can see the light.

Living Out Your Dreams

Natalie’s story holds a beautiful message about how dreams can still be achieved and nobody’s life has to be put to shame.  Her story can be used as a testimony for others in society for rising above difficult circumstances.  .  There is a way out for individuals to become the person they were intended to be.  People who suffer from the disease of addiction typically convince themselves they aren’t worth recovery and that it’s just not going to work for them, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Recovery is possible for anybody who is willing to put in the effort to achieve it.

In the American Express addiction commercial, Natalie acts as a symbol for individuals by showing how anybody can become somebody by striving to grow when they work on themselves.  If you are struggling with an addiction or dealing with any issue in life, you don’t have to let it prevent you from living the rest of your life.  You don’t have to let whatever issues you are facing tear you down or define you as a human being.  Your dreams don’t ever have to be crushed because of the situations you are battling.  Instead you get to work on them during your own personal journey.

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