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Amendment 64 Passed: Marijuana Legalized in Colorado

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Marijuana legalized in Colorado, should pot be legal elsewhere? Parts of the West say yes. Voters made history Tuesday by approving measures to legalize marijuana in Washington state and to legalize marijuana in Colorado. The highly controversial bill will usher in a new era of Federal oversight to facilitate a substance banned and outlawed for decades. Implementing Amendment 64 will be a considerable feat, since pot possession is still illegal. The biggest concerns of controversy revolve around the pros of potentially creating new tax revenues and the cons of exacerbating drug abuse problems by opening the door to the narcotic’s availability. Although voters elected to legalize weed, the legislative process to determine the exact parameters of manufacture, sale, distribution and consumption are a ways away. Even with the long process ahead, the populous seems content to wait. The fact that the pot legalization news exists in the affirmative for Colorado and Washington is sure to make proponents happy, and increase the probability for others states to follow suit. Marijuana legalized in Colorado brings a potential reality to legalize pot in other states and as strange as it sounds, news such as weed legalization in Kentucky could be a potential reality in the near future.

Marijuana Legalized In Colorado: Potential Problem or Portent for Profit?

People all over the country have been pondering the question to legalize marijuana since Nixon’s drug war in the late 1960’s created an adverse backlash among the more liberal thinkers. Opposition to pot prohibition has gained traction in the last few years, with one Gallup poll reflecting that 50% of Americans favored legalization in 2011. It will take some time for the bureaucratic wrangling to construct a viable system of mechanics that will facilitate the newest legal narcotic. It will also be interesting to see what the national complexion becomes in regards to marijuana addiction. The problems with addiction associated with alcohol and to a lesser, though certainly health-related extent nicotine is that excessive use will become abuse. An interesting fact is that the Alcoholic’s Anonymous organization’s inception came after prohibition was lifted in the 1930’s. So a logical deduction is that widespread substance abuse became nationally prevalent after alcohol was legalized. Only time will tell whether the same axiom holds true for marijuana legalization, but a weighty responsibility lays on the shoulders of those who have chosen to open the doors to legality.

Weed Legalization In Florida

Marijuana legalized in Colorado brings up great debate to try and legalize pot in other states. Pot legalization in Florida, as well as throughout the United States, may become a frightening reality in the near future. Since the national attitude to legalize pot has been in the affirmative, hopefully a commensurate correlation will be supported for addiction treatment and substance abuse help. With the landscape of health care changing as well, knowledge of the dangers of drug abuse and alcoholism should be well researched and thought through, as long as accessible care exists in the form it does. If you or a loved one is suffering or struggling; please do not wait to get help. Marijuana legalized in Colorado or any other state should not stop you or your loved on from getting help for addiciton. Our 24/7 information hotline can assist in answering any questions about the dangers and warning signs or addiction: 1-800-853-1614.

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