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Amber Valletta: Model-Actress Opens Up About Substance Abuse

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When most people think of Amber Valletta, they think of her glowing beauty and talent, but a dark history of  have substance abuse issues probably wouldn’t come to mind.  Amber Valletta went into detail about the battle she has fought with addiction throughout her life in a recent interview.  Valletta speaking out re-reminds us that celebrities can suffer from addiction too.

Amber Valletta Talks Addiction

The light-eyed beauty claims that there was a time when she would turn to anything that would provide her relief, and admitted how she began a history of substance abuse by inhaling markers, glue, and nail polish.  Amber Valletta, who is 40 years old now, recalls being just eight years old when she felt that she was headed off toward the wrong path and was simply just not comfortable in her own skin.

After some time had passed, her career in modeling was progressing, but so was her addiction.  Cocaine and alcohol became immensely prevalent in her life.  She was a rising star with significantly high profit deals but was so dependent on her drugs and alcohol that she would abide by participating in her work under the influence.  Like the typical person may presume, Valletta felt trapped with her disease and that her job as a model made her addiction flare up even more.  She reluctantly opened up about how substances were acceptable and even handed out to her by other industry members.  The pressure to be thin is undoubtedly visible in careers like modeling and acting, where appearance is vital and showcased.

Change Is Good for Valetta

Amber Valletta has now been clean for the past 15 years.  The main reason that motivated her to get clean was that she knew she was going to die if she didn’t change her ways.  Coming to terms with the fact that that a person may be an addict can be a very difficult task, and Valletta expresses her feelings of shame when first discovering she was one.  It proved to be true in her case that the first step was admitting she was powerless over drugs and alcohol.  She also had to accept that she could not get better on her own; she was scared and unsure of herself.  In speaking out about her struggles with substances in the past, Valletta is hopeful it will bring the severity of addiction to light.

Fame and fortune does not make a person immune to addiction.  This disease can affect anyone, just like it has plagued the life of Amber Valletta.  If you feel that you have a similar problem with drugs and/or alcohol, call The Watershed for help today 1-800-861-1768.

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