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Alternatives Rehab: How To Control Drinking Alcohol

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A new alcohol rehab called Alternatives Addiction Treatment supposedly teaches you how to moderate your drinking through control drinking methods. Founders of Alternatives, Dr. Adi Jaffe and Dr. Marc Kern, claim that control drinking can work for those who suffer from alcoholism because they overcame their own addiction problems. But what about the real alcoholic that suffers from the disease of addiction and not a “moral dilemma”? How many people might this treatment kill because alcoholics want so desperately to drink like normal people?

Alternatives: Control Drinking

If you are a real alcoholic, you may have already tried a control drinking method and failed on multiple occasions. Alcoholism is a primary chronic progressive disease, which means you can never safely drink without the obsession and compulsion to drink more. The alcoholic chemically processes alcohol differently than the normal drinker. Most medical doctors would agree – abstinence is the only way to arrest alcoholism.

The Heavy Drinker & The Alcoholic

If you are a heavy drinker and not a real alcoholic, control drinking or stopping drinking will be no problem. You may have to go through a medical detox so that the body is safe as the alcohol is withdrawn from the system, but there will be no obsession to pick up the bottle again. You may even be able to moderate your intake. But for the alcoholic, the obsession becomes far greater over time. Once an alcoholic starts drinking, they cannot stop; once they stop, they find it difficult to stay stopped for long. A treatment program like Alternatives may help those who don’t suffer from alcoholism, but may kill the ones who do. The bigger problem is that the alcoholic will not know if the Alternatives treatment program didn’t work until it’s too late.  Alternatives to treatment programs that promote 12-step recovery may actually have the power to take lives and one might question if Alternatives is taking advantage of desperate alcoholics who just want to be able to drink with ease and comfort again.

If you or someone you love is suffering alcoholism, you don’t have to try to control drinking alcohol anymore. Recovery is a reality and we have seen thousands of our alumni stay happy sober without the use of alcohol. Contact The Watershed today.

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