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Allergic To Alcohol? Treating Alcoholism Like A Real Disease

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Imagine if a primary care physician treated alcoholism as serious as, let’s say, cancer or diabetes? If a patient goes in for a visit to their primary care doctor to discuss certain health issues that are associated with excess alcohol consumption, most physicians will suggest either stop drinking or try to drink less, and then send the patient on their way. If a patient comes in with symptoms of cancer or diabetes, treatment is recommended almost immediately. Not only is treatment recommended, but resources are given. Why can’t this be the same for the person who is allergic to alcohol and suffers from the fatal disease of alcoholism?

Allergic To Alcohol? Alcoholism Is A Disease

Alcoholism is a disease as per the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM, and because it is a disease that affects both the mind (mental obsession) and body (physical cravings – meaning the person is allergic to alcohol) the alcoholic will not be able to stop (or stay stopped) on pure willpower alone. Medical detoxification and some form of recovery program are needed for the person that suffers from real alcoholism, and yet it’s rarely suggested by a primary care physician. This is not usually because the doctor doesn’t care; it really may be that they are just not educated enough on how to help the alcoholic who still suffers.

Breaking The Stigma Of Alcoholism

The stigma of alcoholism is slowly changing and with more and more treatment options available to those who are allergic to alcohol, it will continue to change. The real change however, needs to begin with each one of us. If we educate our primary care doctors and even our specialists on the problem of alcoholism and explain that there are treatment options available, we may be able to help save lives.  If you have an open relationship with any of your doctors, let them know that they can be of more service by providing real options, and not just the suggestion to stop drinking. They may be more open to the idea of helping even more of their patients than you think.

Treating Alcoholism And The Alcoholic

The Watershed is a full continuum of care private addiction treatment facility for drug abuse and alcoholism. We assist patients in getting clean and sober by providing a medical detox, inpatient program, outpatient programs, and sober living apartments. We want our patients to not just get clean and sober; we want to see them live a full life in recovery without the returned use of drugs and alcohol. If you need help with alcoholism, and you are tired of being told to “just stop”, give us a call today, we can help you stay stopped!

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Helpline: 1-800-861-1768.

If you would like to share information with a doctor, friend, or associate; please click here for our printable brochure: The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs.

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