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Alix Tichelman Involved In Two Separate Heroin Overdose Deaths

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For Alix Tichelman, the aftermath from a heroin overdose of a man she was involved with, led to far more consequences than his death alone.  Though Forrest Hayes, an executive at Google, was pronounced dead at the age of 51 in November, the role that Alix Tichelman played has just surfaced recently.  With the revelation of video footage, Alix was discovered to have assisted Hayes with the injection of the fatal dose of heroin and did nothing to salvage the man’s life.

Alix Tichelman Kills Google Exec

Now charged with the crimes of manslaughter, drugs, and prostitution, Alix Tichelman has been seen in incriminating footage that shows her administering heroin to Forrest Hayes on his yacht in the Santa Cruz harbor in California.   The videotape came from surveillance on the premise of the yacht, and Alix is clearly seen grabbing her personal belongings, drug paraphernalia, and moving over Hayes’ body – all shortly after sipping down some luxurious wine in a glass.  The 26-year-old girl is also seen tampering with the blinds to keep Hayes’ body out of view before exiting the boat.

After further investigation, it was revealed that Alix Tichelman was hired by Hayes several times prior to this particular recorded encounter.  As claimed, she lived three hours away from Hayes and charged $1,000 for her prostitution with the man.  In addition to Hayes, she had over 50 other billionaire clients, and an even larger amount of millionaire clients.  Allegedly, her profile appeared on a web site where she was able to pair up with multiple wealthy men.  The web site claims they do not condone prostitution, and that the girl had not posted anything against web site policies.

Alix Tichelman was considered by officials to be a flight risk for leaving the Santa Cruz area.  In order to prevent her from fleeing, police set up a sting and posed as a potential client of hers online, where she agreed to accept $1,000 at an affluent location.  She was arrested on arrival this past July 4.  Alix’s father, Bart Tichelman, who works for the software company SynapSense, and Tichelman’s mother had no comment to make on her multiple charges.

About Google Exec Forrest Timothy Hayes

Forrest Hayes left behind a wife whom he had been married to for 17 years, as well as five children.  In light of the recent news concerning the cause of Hayes’ death, his widow has chosen not speak out to the public.  It was, however, noticed that the blog created in Hayes’ honor was deleted.  This was a public guest book for people to share their memories of Hayes.  Because Hayes needed Alix Tichelman to help him inject the heroin, police speculate that he was not an avid drug abuser.  It was also stated by officials that an identical case in another state may be related to Alix Tichelman as well, which at first caught officials’ attention because Hayes may have not been the first and only victim of a heroin overdose she had been associated with.

Not The First Death For Alix Tichelman

It was revealed that Alix was living in Georgia for some time, after having attended two semesters at Georgia State University, where she reportedly maintained a romantic relationship with 53-year-old Dean Riopelle.  Despite some previous charges for assaulting her boyfriend when intoxicated and having argued prior, Alix called for emergency help on September 17 when she claimed she got out of the shower to find Riopelle on the ground.  She told authorities he used heroin that day.  A week later, Riopelle died in the hospital.

This just proves even further the seriousness of drug abuse and addiction, and that the end result is frequently either jail or death. If you have a problem with drugs and worry that you may end up in a situation that escalates to one of these, call The Watershed for help at 1-800-861-1768.

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