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Alcohol Statistics: Alcohol Deaths Rising Worldwide According To WHO

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As of 2012, an estimated 3.3 million people worldwide died as a direct result of alcohol consumption, according to a new study issued by World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, 16 % of alcohol drinkers in the world could be considered binge drinkers. As a result of these findings, WHO feels that government agencies worldwide should be addressing these issues as a result of these alcohol statistics.

Alcohol Statistics Provided By WHO

The WHO report found that Europe has the highest rate of alcohol use per capita. Alcohol consumption in Africa and throughout the Americas has been unchanged though, while South-East Asia and the Western Pacific regions of the world have increased in the last half decade. The report also discovered that alcohol-related deaths were more common for men than women worldwide: 7.6% of deaths among men versus 4% deaths among women. However, alcohol abuse among women has been slowly rising.

The alcohol statistics study also shows that only 66 countries have policies in place that help address alcohol abuse in their country. Many of these policies include the taxing of alcohol, age regulations, and restrictions on marketing. In addition to these policies, an estimated 140 states have created their own health campaigns to raise awareness about the alcohol problem their people are facing.

Alcohol Statistics Shows Our Need For Help

Although there are over 11,000 addiction treatment programs in the United States alone to help address mental health disorders and/or drug addiction and alcoholism, there is still a desperate need for awareness, prevention, intervention, and the treatment of alcohol abuse according to this alcohol statistics study.

It is not uncommon for someone who abuses alcohol to be at a higher risk for developing serious health conditions like cirrhosis of the liver, heart attack/disease, stroke, mental health disorders, and alcoholism. Alcohol also plays a role in many accidental deaths from car accidents, falls, drownings, asphyxiation, withdrawals, as well as other injuries. With such issues surrounding alcohol abuse and alcoholism, it’s no wonder our society is suffering on a global scale.

Although 3.3 million deaths from alcohol is a frightening number, there is still hope for those struggling right now. If you know someone who struggling with alcohol abuse or alcoholism, it’s time to get help now. Let’s stop the epidemic by providing a voice and choice for the alcoholic that still suffers. Call or contact The Watershed today to see what you can do to help yourself or your loved one recover from the tortures of alcohol abuse today.

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