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Adele At The Oscars: An Alcoholic With Soul

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Adele reaped significant attention on Facebook and Twitter during the 85th Academy Awards this past Sunday. “Skyfall” was named Best Original Song; Adele was positively glowing at the awards ceremony as she accepted her Oscar. Adele’s soulful nature, catchy songs, and humble personality have won the affection of millions, especially from those in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Adele’s Biography

After years of struggles with her drinking, Adele shared her story with others. Marc Shaprio, author of “Adele: The Biography”, details  the singer’s trials and tribulations, her struggles with drinking, and her progression of alcoholism in front of the public eye. “I got so drunk by the time I went on at 2 a.m., I had forgotten the words to my own songs… It was the worst thing ever,” Adele tells Shapiro in an interview for “In Touch” magazine in 2012.

Drinking Problem

The heartbreak and agony of Adele’s drinking problem and struggles with alcoholism was not entirely out of the blue. Her estranged father Mark Evans, who left Adele at the age of 3, also suffered from alcoholism. It is not uncommon for alcoholism or drug addiction to run genetically through a family, and we have seen it all too much in the celebrity spot light. One example is Martin Sheen, who suffered from drug addiction and drinking problems but overcame his addiction and entered recovery. His son Charlie Sheen, unfortunately, still struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Struggles With Alcoholism

Adele through her struggles has inspired and brought hope to so many others suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism by disclosing personal information from her past. She openly admits to having major insecurities, being bullied in school, and broken relationships that led her to self-medicate. Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism can affect anyone, no matter who you are. If you feel like you may have a drinking problem, call our free confidential help line to find out more about how you can stop drinking at 1-800-861-1768.

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