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Addictive Personality: Can Addiction Be Cured?

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Addictive Personality the watershedIf you have an addictive personality and suffer from drug abuse, can it be cured?  Although the disease of addiction cannot be cured, it can be treated.  Sick and suffering addicts who are mentally and/or physically hooked on substances do not have to continue to live the way they have become accustomed to living.  The effects of drug addiction are apparent in society, but they don’t have to prevent individuals from getting help.  Addicts can seek treatment and stay on top of maintaining their recovery.  Exploring why addiction has no cure can help provide an understanding of the best and most effective treatment options for sustainable recovery.

Understanding The Addictive Personality

To put it plain and simple, there is no cure for an addictive personality, and looking at the effects of drug addiction can explain why.  The National Institute of Health has concluded that drug addiction drastically alters the brain’s structure and routine functioning.

There may be no cure, but drug addiction has been deemed a treatable disease.  Similar to diseases like diabetes, drug addiction is a manageable ailment.  Individuals who suffer from both of these illnesses can still live a healthy, long life if they adhere to proper treatment and a program of recovery.

Otherwise, if it goes untreated and ignored, they risk encountering serious health consequences that may result in death.  For example, if the diabetic stops treating themselves regularly with their insulin, they will get sick.  This is absolutely true for the drug addict as well.  If the addict fails to seek outside help by attending their 12-step meetings, seeking therapy, talking to a sponsor, and/or keeping active in their program of recovery, they may be setting themselves up to fail, and put themselves at risk of relapse.

According to University of Pennsylvania Health System, a range between 50-60% of drug addicts that are in some type of treatment for a year or more have a greater chance at life-long recovery, which is far greater odds when put in comparison to other life-long illnesses.

What Is The Root of Drug Addiction?

Addiction is a biopsychosocial disease with roots that stem from a manifestation of underlying factors and causes.  The brain’s neurochemistry involved is offset when the individual abuses drugs, which causes abnormal biological changes that impact not only their neurological development but also their behavioral patterns and sociological interactions.

Because addicts adapt to this lifestyle and become hooked to the drugs, there isn’t a cure that can remedy the individual from becoming maladjusted in these circumstances.  Once a person becomes accustomed to this way of living, a complete and radical change for both mind and body needs to occur.  Addiction takes a toll on a person in different ways, which is why this is a life-long disease requiring regular maintenance.  There is no simple reversal.  It is a continual process, but as long as the addict continues on with their program of recovery, they can live normal productive drug-free lives.

Are you active in addiction to alcohol and/or drugs but ready for the process of recovery?  Contact The Watershed today by calling now.

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