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The Anonymous People: Drug Addiction Statistics In America

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anonymous people movieWe had another successful showing Thursday night at the Watershed apartments. TWA and TWR residents all came out to view the documentary, “The Anonymous People.” Rows and rows of chairs, all filled with excited, clean and sober residents, ready to view the film. Some even put a sheet down and layed in the grass. Watershed Maria and Watershed Ashling got up in front of the residents and introduced the film, speaking about some addiction statistics in America today. Did you know that 1 in 7 American teens go to an addiction treatment center? Or that drug overdose rates are higher than that of auto accidents? As scary as these addiction statistics may seem, one statistic gave hope: 23 million people in America are living in long-term recovery today.

Drug Addiction Statistics in America

Once the movie started, the residents couldn’t keep their eyes off the screen. They all watched the film, getting strength and hope about Americans living clean and sober. The addiction statistics that are spread throughout the film are not only bone chilling and painfully true, but they can also help put things into perspective. When the film ended, Watershed Maria asked the residents a few questions about what they thought of the movie.

What did the Watershed Residents think about the film?

 Q) How has this movie changed your perspective on recovery?

        A) The group's response indicated they have no more shame and that they would tell the world. They’re living their lives without regrets and are grateful to be recovering addicts and alcoholics.

 Q) Did the Anonymous People change your view on openness in recovery?

        A) Everyone shouted, “Yes!”

Q) Does this film inspire you to help others?

        A) The overall answer was yes; some even told us that they wanted to help juveniles, or be an addiction counselor one day. The residents were very excited for this one.

Q) Would you rather say that you’re an alcoholic/addict or a person in long-term recovery?

        A) Every resident voiced that they would prefer to be called people in long-term recovery.

Q) Would you be willing to openly share that you’re in recovery to those that aren’t?

        A) Yes! They are completely willing and open.

Q) What will you do next?

        A) The residents want to move on to the next phase that the Watershed offers them, and then work the steps and help others. One resident voiced her interest in the sober high schools and would like to do something with that.

Q) What about helping your own community? When someone relapses, are you going to help them and pass the information on? Or stay silent?

        A) They don’t want to stay silent; they would do what’s necessary to make sure the addict who is relapsing gets the help that they need, in order to keep their community strong.

This was our second showing of "The Anonymous People" at one of the of Watershed properties, and so far they've both been a great success! The Anonymous People is a documentary made to inform people of the addiction statistics and addition awareness in America, and to also show recovery advocacy to those in a recovering community. If you would like to schedule a showing of The Anonymous People through the Watershed, contact us at

If you or someone you know is struggling with the disease of addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t hesitate before it’s too late. The addiction statistics shown in this article and in the documentary are painfully true. Don’t let yourself become another statistic; take your life back!

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