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5 Steps To Letting Go Of Resentment And Being Happy

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Letting go of resentment can be one of the more difficult things to do, how does one let go of a painful angry thought anyway? Especially when they are sure they are right.

Letting Go Of Resentment

Step 1: The Victim

Take a look at your part in the situation without even looking at theirs. You know how to tell your resentment story from the eyes of a victim, but try telling the story from a point of view (POV) where you were taking accountability for your actions. What would that look like? How would your story change?  Even if they are 100% wrong, you are still giving them (or the situation) the power over you and how you feel and act. Taking accountability for your actions is the first step towards letting go of resentment.

Step 2: Skewed POV (Point Of View)

Double check your POV or perception on the resentment. You might find that your POV is off and you are really resentful at something that isn’t even truth (and we aren’t talking about just your truth, but reality). Have you talked to your support/friends about the resentment? It might be a good idea to let go of the victim role and talk to some peeps about how you are feeling when letting go of resentment.

Step 3:  Gratitude

Instead of focusing on what happened to you, what you don’t have, and any other negative thought; how about focusing on the things that you are grateful for? Another great way to remain grateful while letting go of resentment, is to try to be understanding. If you saw a wolf come up to you and try to attack you, you would probably be scared. You would be scared because you know what a wolf is and what a wolf can do. You can try to be angry at the wolf, but at the end of the day the wolf is just a wolf. Are you getting resentful and angry at a wolf being a wolf?

Step 4: Meditation & Service

Sit in silence and meditate about what we have gone over thus far, and then go be of service. It’s pretty hard to be resentful when our gratitude is in action (even if we don’t entirely feel it yet). Try being of service by volunteering in your program of recovery or community. There are tons of ways to be of service, but you have to engage if you want to let go of that rage.

Step 5: Let Go

Just let go! Human beings have a strong need to be right, comfortable, safe, and in control. Stop trying to do all those things and you might be surprised that the person or thing you were resentful at doesn’t seem to bother you as much. When people hold on to resentment, all they do is spray their negative venom onto others and society. When you give up being right, let go of the ego and pride, and stop trying to control, you might find that serenity and peace you were looking for.

Letting Go Of Resentment & Being Free

For those in recovery from addiction (and I believe all people) resentment is a killer. It rips apart people and poisons all who enters its path. It takes a person’s freedom, happiness, and sanity. You want to know the secret to just letting go of resentment? You have a choice today and you can choose to either sit on your pity-pot and play the victim or accept the person (or situation) for being exactly what it is, even if it’s a wolf (with or without the sheep’s clothes).  Only you can make a decision to give up your resentment so that you can be happy, what will your choice be?


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