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Opiate Abuse & Addiction

Your understanding of opiate abuse is what will help you to overcome your addiction to drugs. Long-term opiate abuse can disrupt your central nervous system and lead to fatal consequences. This means that using opiates for a long time, the nerve cells in the brain, which produce endogenous opiates, do not work properly anymore. Not only this, but you also put yourself at risk for an overdose and even death. Of course consequences alone, however, are not enough to deter a drug abuser or addict from abusing substances, but it’s important to know the risks regardless.

In addition, your body may stop producing endorphins because it has opiates to replace them. This is how an opiate addiction can and will form, because you now need the opiates to function everyday. Opiate abuse is when you use the opiates for long periods of time and cannot function without them anymore.

Since opiate abuse does lead to addiction, if you were to suddenly stop abusing opiates, you would go through withdrawal. Having an understanding about opiate addiction and what it can do to your body will help you reach lasing sobriety. Knowledge of your drug is almost as important as seeking help for your abuse problem.

If you would like to get help for your opiate addiction, give us a call at The Watershed. You can reach us at 1-800-861-1768. We have everything you need to get started with your recovery.

The Backbone of Opiate Abuse

One of the major health concerns in the United States is opiate abuse. In fact, billions of dollars are spent on effective opiate addiction treatments. Many family and crime issues are blamed on opiate abuse. Heroin, one of the drugs derived from opiates, is stated as being one of the opiates people are most addicted to.

Interestingly, in the past, doctors and researchers did not have a treatment available for people addicted to opiates because it was believed that an inherited gene caused opiate addiction. These days, there are many opiate abuse treatments that are effective. There are treatments that will help your obtain sobriety. Today, if you are suffering from opiate abuse, there is help out there for you. Our center, The Watershed, is a drug rehab center designed to treat your opiate addiction.

Our goal is to help you achieve lasting sobriety while making you as comfortable as possible during the recovery process. However, it is up to you to take the first step. You must be willing to give up your drug, your opiate. You must be willing to seek help. If you are truly willing to accept the help we can offer at The Watershed, please, give us a call at 1-800-861-1768.

The Repercussions That Follow Opiate Abuse

Many repercussions follow opiate abuse, one being that many more people than necessary deal with opiates on a daily basis. Medical professionals in the past did not think it was important to find a treatment for opiate addicts. However, the opiate abuse today would not be as bad had they developed treatments for it in the past. In addition, another repercussion that followed opiate abuse in the past is that opiate abusers had no hope for recovery.

However, these repercussions have changed, as now there are a variety of successful opiate addiction treatment options. No longer will you be shut out of society for being addicted to opiates; no longer will you be labeled as an opiate abuser. You can now have the hope that comes with effective opiate treatments. You can now have the assurance that you can be sober.

If you are suffering for opiate addiction and you are ready to dedicate your time and effort to getting treatment for your addiction, you can call us at 1-800-861-1768. The staff here at The Watershed will be more than happy to help you with the process.

The Watershed Treats Opiate Abuse & Addiction

In the past, there hasn’t been any help available for opiate abuse, but now there is help for those abusers that are ready to turn their life around. At The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, you don’t have to be ashamed of who you are because who you are at this very moment doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are a new person when you complete your opiate abuse treatment at The Watershed.

At The Watershed, you are more than just a number, you are an individual and we respect you by creating a treatment plan that is based on your individual needs. Our therapists and doctors will carefully review this treatment plan so that they know without a doubt that you will benefit from the treatment.

However, you have to be willing to go through the treatment process in order for it to be successful. If you are ready to sit down with a medical team that is dedicated to making sure that you make a healthy recovery from opiate addiction, you don’t have to look any farther than The Watershed. If you are ready to make this commitment, call us.

Your Overall Recovery from Addiction

In the beginning, you have to admit that you have a problem. Then you have to admit that you want to get help for that problem. At this time it is your determination to admit that you have a problem and to seek out help shows that you are really dedicated to becoming drug free.

The Watershed is waiting to help you through this process whenever you are ready. However, we cannot help you without your cooperation. If you are ready to leave the drugs behind you and show the people that you love that you can do it, give The Watershed the chance to help you out.

For more information or help finding the right drug treatment facility for you, call the professionals at The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs 1-800-861-1768 or visit

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