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Scholarships Offered by The Watershed

For two decades, The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs has been providing comprehensive treatment to help both addicts and alcoholics begin the process of recovery.

Not only does The Watershed believe in restoring the lives of individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction, but The Watershed also believes in rewarding and encouraging students who wish to advance their education in fields such as Health Care and Addiction Science. This is why The Watershed offers several scholarships to accredited colleges and universities.

The Watershed is also dedicated to helping recovering addicts and alcoholics during their educational ventures, which is why another scholarship that is offered by The Watershed is rewarded to individuals who have been in recovery for at least one year.

If you are interested in learning more about the specific scholarships that are offered by The Watershed, then please view each scholarship page for more information:

How to Apply

There are eligibility requirements for each of the scholarships as well as a required essay submission. Please read the specific instructions for applying to the scholarship of your choice on the designated page listed above. Students from any state may apply, but they must meet the eligibility requirements for the particular scholarship in which they are applying.

All submissions for scholarships should be mailed to:

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc.
ATTN: Marketing Department/Scholarship Team
200 Congress Park Dr.
Suite 100
Delray Beach, FL 33445


*No information and/or data will ever be shared for any reason other than the intended purposes of awarding recipients with a scholarship.

Students may apply for any and all of The Watershed’s scholarships if eligible but no student will be awarded more than one scholarship.

Current and past employees of The Watershed are ineligible for the scholarships offered by The Watershed.

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