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Continuing Support

At The Watershed, we recognize recovery is a life-long journey, and we maintain contact with our patients after their discharge through a variety of alumni participation and aftercare opportunities. Hundreds of our alumni remain involved in alumni activities even years after treatment, and they tell us that helping others is a richly rewarding part of their lives. We are here for you!

If you are already a member of The Watershed Alumni, click here to access the Lives in Recovery community at!

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Family Program

We often refer to the addict as the only patient, but addiction is a family disease. In order to successfully treat the addict, we must treat the family. That is why we offer a family program – to restore a healthy family dynamic and begin healing co-dependent relationships. On, you can learn about The Watershed Family, and read articles tailored specifically for Families; articles to both support, enlighten and encourage you in your journey of recovery. To learn more about this program, visit the “Family” section of

As Alumni of The Watershed, we want to make sure you are still receiving the support you need in your recovery. Whether you live in Florida, out of state, or out of the country, you can keep in touch with your friends at The Watershed easily. Also check out:

  • Watershed news and announcements
  • Recovery Journals: Read stories of struggle and success from people just like you…and submit your own!
  • Alumni Newsletter: Keep up with Watershed events, stories of inspiration and announcements


Be a Life Saver!

Become a part of our newest and most exciting aspect of the Alumni Program: The Life Saver’s Program! This program is all about SAVING LIVES. In its most condensed definition, The Life Saver’s Program is a service that provides its members the tools and support to help people in your life who are caught in the grips of the progressive and fatal disease of addiction to get the very life saving help that they need. The Life Savers Program also provides its members with services and information to benefit your life, and allows us a way to recognize you and thank you for the efforts that you put forth in saving the life of another.

To learn more about The Watershed Alumni or any of our Alumni programs, visit

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