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The Watershed provides a full medical detox on-site by 24-hour nursing and paramedic staff.
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“A watershed is a defining moment of insight and clarity
where healing begins and lives are reclaimed.”

The Watershed is recognized as a leading inpatient alcohol treatment center and drug treatment provider offering medical alcohol rehabilitation, alcohol detox, drug detox, and drug rehabilitation for those suffering from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction.

If you are in need of an alcohol rehabilitation center or drug rehab facility that offers the best alcohol treatment and affordable drug treatment, then The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs (FLA) can help you. Watershed patients receive an unprecedented level of care by highly skilled professionals who know how to help people find long-term recovery.

It is our goal that every patient has an opportunity to experience that watershed moment. The Watershed mission is to provide the best and most cost effective treatment to people and families affected by the diseases of addiction, alcoholism and mental illness.

At The Watershed, we believe in loving the addict back to health. Read about our alcohol rehab center and drug addiction treatment centers, as well as alcoholism and drug treatment programs.

Call our drug addiction and alcoholism helpline at 1-888-629-8069 for immediate assistance.

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